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Echo Crag is a 1 km hike west, off of the Northwest Bypass, Hwy 144, west of Sudbury.


Take the Trans-Canada highway, Hwy 17, west out of Sudbury and the Hwy 144 will be your first exit west of Lively. Proceed north towards Timmins on the 144 for only about 800 meters. The trail head is at the coordinates N46 25’ 32” W81 10’ 56” and will be on the left-hand side of the road and marked with flagging tape. Do not go past the wire guard rail otherwise you have gone too far. Just ahead on Hwy 144, on the right side of the road, you will see a repeater tower. Parking is on the highway itself. Do not take the quad trail as it's too early the trail is closer to the guard rail.

Once on the trail you will see that it is clearly travelled and marked with flagging tape, rock walls, cairns and beaver dam. Follow the trail for approximately 1 km.


Echo routes
Echo 1 r1.jpg
Echo routes
Echo 2 r1.jpg
Echo routes
Echo 3 r1.jpg

West Wall Routes


 1  Caesars on the Patio | 5.11c | 3 bolts

FFA Andrew Worley Fall 2013

First climb on the west wall. Start in a small corner and climb through some strenuous moves. Don’t expect jugs at the top.


 2  Dodo’s Delight 5.12a | 4 bolts

FFA Connor Watson November 5 2016

FFA on gear Hudson Mayhew April 1 2017

Short and pumpy with a slight overhang. Can be done on gear.


 3  Wet and Wild American Summer | 5.10c | 3 bolts

FFA Andrew Worley Fall 2013

Climb up the chossy-looking feature. Furthest right route on the west wall.


5th class scramble to access the top is located to the right of W&W.



Main Wall Routes

 4  One Day Til November | 5.8 | Trad

FFA Karen Guenther October 2020

A short warm up trad route, just because.

 5 Ain’t No C-Plus | 5.10a | 5 bolts

FFA Marco Foladore Fall 2013

First climb on the main wall. Starts on some easy ledges to the first bolt. Follow good holds to the top.

 6 Dark 'n' Stormy | 5.12c | 6 bolts

FFA Marco Foladore October 2020

Short vertical and crimpy with bad feet.


 7 Steel Barr | 5.12c | 6 bolts

FFA Allan Barr 2016

Starts up with fairly easy climbing and ramps up slowly to some powerful and technical moves with atrocious feet.

 8 Agent Ornge | 5.10b | Trad

FFA Dave Marrone 2013

The first route established on the cliff and named for the local climber that spotted the cliff while flying for Ornge. This would become a classic local climb. High quality and high fun factor. Climbs the obvious dihedral.


 9 Battle the Bulge | 5.11c | 7 bolts

FFA Andrew Worley Fall 2013

Start on the face just to the right of Agent Ornge and follow the bolt line to the arête. Enjoy the bulge.


 10 The Eviscerator | 5.12a | 6 bolts

FFA Travis Van Ryn September 2015

Two starts: the original is on the left side under the first bolt and can be clipped from the boulder to avoid back pain in the event of a low fall; and the direct route straight up to the crack. Think about stick clipping the second bolt if you take this start.

Follows the obvious crack.


 11 Ambitious Positivity | 6 bolts

Open project. Maybe a hard 5.13?


 12 Little Miss | 5.11a | Trad

FFA Dave Marrone 2013

Starts with a boulder problem to gain a sloping ledge, then follows the dihedral and finishes out left through the roof. Small pro through the middle section. Fun climbing with a challenging start and finish.


 13 Lazy Beaver | 5.11a | 8 bolts

FFA Marco Foladore 2014

Named after the beaver whose dam you have to cross on the approach in. He apparently slacked off one season and needed some assistance with the structure.

Shares the same start as Little Miss then heads up the slab to the right of the dihedral. Follow the bolts and transition around the corner to the ledge, followed by a bit of an arête onto slopers onto a layback to finish it up.


 14 Unprotected Footsies | 5.12b | 6 bolts

FFA Maxime Jacques June 2018

Starts in the little gully, up to the slab. Moving up and out to the left for a couple of burley moves then transitioning to some easy moves to the end.


 15 Hurray for the Riff Raff, Kiss | 5.12a | 7 bolts

          FFA Maxime Jacques March 2018

Starts a few feet to the right of UF, up the slab to the same move as UF, then continues straight up the face for a good pump on. Once you reach the crows' ledge, continue up the arête to the left.


 16 Exalted Dragon | 5.12b | 7 bolts

FFA Maxime Jacques May 16 2018

Climb up the sloping dihedral until the overhanging dihedral. Gain the crows' ledge for more fun climbing to the anchors.


 17 Game of Thrones | 5.10b | 7 bolts

FFA Andrew Worley Fall 2013

Begins to the right of the arête and then transitions around the corner to the second bolt, continues up on the left side of the arête.


 18  J J  | 5.12c | 8 bolts

FFA Maxime Jacques May 16 2018

Up the dihedral.


 19 New Kid on the Block | 5.11b | 6 bolts

FFA Hudson Mayhew 2016

Bouldery start grabbing the loose flake and putting all of your trust in it. Straight up avoiding the pillar if you have it in you, this version is called New Kid off the Block, it definitely changes the intensity of this route and bumps up the grade to 11d. Fun balancey move up onto the upper ledge before the final move.


 20   Dirty Tequila | 5.9+ | 7 bolts

FFA Marco Foladore Spring 2017

Starts at the obvious spearhead rock up to a ledge. Up the dihedral, continuing through to the next two bolts, avoiding the easy ramp. Once at the fourth bolt move to your right to the final bolt and move.


 21  Suck it up Buttercup | 5.10c | 5 bolts

FFA Marco Foladore Spring 2017

Last route to the right of the crag. Start up the dihedral, once clipped the first bolt, move to the left to gain the second bolt then back to the right... and as the name dictates, just SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP and do the move, then blast straight to the top.

Dodo's Delight at Echo
Dodo's Delight
Steel Barr at Echo
Steel Barr
Agent Ornge at Echo
Agent Ornge
The Eviscerator at Echo
The Eviscerator
Little Miss at Echo
Little Miss
Exhalted Dragon
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