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Long Lake

From the four corners in Sudbury, head south on Long Lake Road, crossing under the bypass until coming to Sunnyside Road where you will take a right. Stay on Sunnyside for about 10 minutes until you can see a cliff full of ice across the lake on your left. Park on the south side of the road where you will find a private lot that will have snowmobile access to the lake. For many years climbers have walked across this property to access the lake, but this past 2017 season the association that owns the waterfront property has asked people not to cross the land. The other alternative if this continues is to access the frozen lake by way of the public boat launch a couple of kilometres down the road. If you continue down Sunnyside, it will turn into Sandy Cove Road and where it veers north 90 degrees you’ll find Lammis Road. Turn left onto Lammis and park at the bottom, where you will see the public boat access and a nice hike to the ice.  Alternatively, you can get to the top of the ice via South Shore Road.


The cliff is about 50 feet high and boasts the thickest ice to be found in Sudbury with a full range of possibilities.

Long Lake ice location
Long Lake ice
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