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Hwy 69

At 60 ft, it’s the softest of the local Sudbury ice climbs, up to WI3. It's also the easiest to access and you can practically belay out of the car. It’s the only local ice that doesn’t need a lake crossing to access, so if the lakes aren’t frozen yet you can still get your climb on here. Allan Barr and Tim Kingshott discovered this line and have the FA’s.

To get there, drive south from the four corners on Hwy 69 and take the Hwy 537 Wanup/Wahnapitae exit. Turn south from here and drive for about 5.5 km. You will pass Makynen road on your left and it's less than a kilometre from there. Clearly visible as it’s a rock cut on the side of the road.

Hwy 69 ice location
Hwy 69 ice
Hwy 69 ice
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