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Massey | N46 13'05" W82 06'11"

Caddel Road Icefall is an old gem that has rarely seen ascents lately as it's not well known. Difficulty goes at WI3 to 4 and is a great height for Ontario at just over 80 ft. It is located on private property so tread very lightly and politely as we do not want to lose this great line. 

The ice can be accessed by turning north just west of Massey, Ontario onto Caddel Road exactly 2.4 km west of the Hwy 553 and Trans Canada Highway intersection. Continue approximately 600ft to the end of Caddel Road, which will turn into Ritchie Road, and park at the end, which is another 300ft ahead. When parking be sure not to block any driveways and/or fuel bowsers. Hike north to the coordinates given. 


Remember: this is private land, the owner is aware of climbers on his property and may potentially approach you... just smile and wave!

Massey ice
Massey ice
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