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Restoule is a 2.25 hour drive from Sudbury. From Sudbury head south on hwy 69 for approximately 60 km until hwy 522. At hwy 522 turn left and head east bound for approximately 66km until you reach Farley's Corner which is hwy 524. Turn left here onto hwy 524 northbound for 32 km until you reach the end at hwy 534. Here head left or west bound for approximately 18km towards Restoule Provincial Park. Just prior to the park is plowed road to your right that will bring you to a parking lot at the south end of Patterson Lake. Park here and follow the south shore of the lake to your right until you come across the climbs. Its about 1km.

 1  The Snake | WI4 |  45m

FFA Unknown 

The Snake is a stunning and classic line that can always be counted on to be formed every year. It has some consistent climbing to a vertical pillar at the top for some final fantastic axe swings.

 2  Looking' Like Elvis | WI5- | 40m

FFA Unknown

From the base of the Snake this pillar can be easily seen approximately 10m to the left  up high. You decide how to access it, either start on the Snake and then venture leftwards and extend some slings to minimize the drag or start at the base and throw some rock pro in for protection.

 3  Anaconda | WI3 | 30m

FFA Unknown

Forms approximately 25m left of The Snake. A bit of mixed climbing initially leads you to left venturing line.

The Snake
The Snake
Restoule | N46 04' 24" W79 45' 48"
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