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Timberwolf is located on the north side of town next to Timberwolf Golf Club. Parking is found on the side of the road at the end of Barrydowne, just north of the intersection with Maley Drive where the road turns into gravel. Follow the Maley Conservation Area path north from here on foot for about 200 m until you see an obvious trail off to your right that leads to the golf course. The trail will end at the golf cart road, where you will then turn left and follow it for approximately 400 m past a couple of tee-offs and a few S turns. The trail to the cliff will be off of your left at a very soggy overgrown old side road. The cliff will be another 200 m down this trail. Please be courteous to the golfers, especially when they are teeing off. 


The top of the cliff can be accessed from either the left or right side very easily, and the cliff is around 15 m. There is a rappel station set up at around the mid-point of the crag above the large left-facing flake trad climb (climb no. 6).


This crag was one of the originals in the Sudbury area and the FA’s are unknown on most of the routes.


 1  5.4 | 4 bolts

First climb located to the left of the corner as you approach the crag.

 2  5.6 Top-rope with top anchors

The first large corner of the cliff, follow the big holds and ledges to the top.

 3  5.11a | 4 bolts

FFA Marco Foladore 2013

Tricky face climbing, try not venturing left or right at the bottom to keep it an 11. Fun crimpers at the top with small feet.

 4  5.10b/c | 5 bolts

Two ways of climbing this route, stick to the face and keep it real or you can come around the corner with your right hand to be kind to yourself when climbing hungover.

Timberwolf routes

 5  5.9 | 6 bolts

FFA Marco Foladore 2013

Start on the ground to the left of the shelf and then follow the bolt line, great beginner lead.

 6  5.10a | 3 bolts

Again, start on the ground, gain the shelf then follow the bolts to the top.


 7  5.7 | Trad

Great first trad lead. Hit up a couple of shelves to the left-facing flake which brings you to a crack. Follow the crack to the top, passing an old pin and piton. The rappel station is located here.

 8  I Know Kung Fu | 5.11c | 4 bolts

FFA MattGuenther May 2022

Start on face to 1st bolt, avoid using trad route on the left to gain ledge for the full grade experience. Take a breath and battle the roof.

 9  Chickadee | 5.9 | 5 bolts

FFA Laura Schmidt Fall 2015

Climb the face at the steep small ramp to the ledge, followed by a small cruxy face to easier terrain above.

 10  Parallel Pleasure | 5.9 | 5 bolts

Stay in between the parallel seams in the rock, following the bolts.

 11  5.10a Trad

Thin start to a small right-facing flake continuing up to the large shelf. Around the corner to the right-facing dihedral, then blast to the top.

 12  5.10b | 6 bolts

FFA Marco Foladore 2015

Starts a foot to the right of the trad climb accessing the same shelf. Follow the bolts to the mini roof exit move.

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